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Seriem Ciber Security

We care about your cyber security

Our company offers cutting-edge products that guarantee the security of your communications at three key points.

1.- Confidentiality

2.- Integrity

3.- Authenticity


Only the recipient of your calls and messages will have access to the messages and calls you make.

Our communications are made with a point-to-point military quality encryption, impossible to decrypt with current technology.


Your calls and communications can not be altered in the transit towards your recipient.

The destination of the messages can fully rely on the content of your messages, writings, audio and calls.


Our high security encryption technology prevents the point of origin from your calls and messages to be cloned.

The receiver can be sure that you and only you are the emitter of calls and messages.

We convert your Terminal.

High security mobile phone We adapt any device on the market and brand suggested by the client as long as they are of the latest generation or prior consultation with our experts, for encrypted calls, secure browsing and mail.

After consulting with our technicians and an individual study of the needs of each client, the best choice for your case will be recommended.

Do you need a web design and don’t know where to start?

Do not worry! she has come to the right place. We know that if you are here it is because you need to create a website for your company or project, and thus be able to achieve your presence and at the same time attract customers through the internet, this is where our alliance begins, because we are here to help you ….

Web maintenance

Why hire a web maintenance service?

A poorly maintained website, with compatibility errors in the template or in one of its plugins (multi-language, themes, forms, payment gateway, etc.) or too slow because it does not have good hosting or good code optimization, It is the worst image you would not want to have on the web.

It is necessary to periodically review the available updates, analyze whether or not they are necessary according to the rest of the software on the web, and if applicable, carry them out after a backup copy to avoid errors that can lead to the loss of much information on the website. web, or even the entire web. This maintenance is especially necessary on websites made with predesigned templates with numerous plugins, especially multi-language or online shopping plugins and others.
Leaving it in our hands, you forget about all these inconveniences that prevent you from dedicating more time to your company.

hosting service.

Hosting is a service that allows you to store all the information of a website on a server.

Our web hosting and web hosting company acts as a kind of intermediary, providing the necessary technologies and services to individuals or companies so that their websites are visible on the internet.

What types of hostings are there?

Shared Hosting
In this case, the server is shared with other websites and several of their resources, such as RAM or CPU. It is a perfect hosting modality for the first steps of a page, since the cost is cheaper than other options.

VPS hosting
A VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is the next step to shared hosting. In this case, several websites share a server, but each of them has its own space and resources.

It is the perfect option for web pages that have already taken their first steps and want to raise the level, achieving greater control over their resources.

Hosting on dedicated server
A dedicated server hosting provides its own server to a website, without sharing it with any other page. This is one of the more expensive options, but it also provides greater independence.

Cloud Hosting
Hosting providers allow you to use cloud technology to host your website. In this case, the information on your website is spread across multiple servers. This is an advantage as it is more unlikely that there will be a downtime due to a server crash.

For this reason, it is one of the types of hosting preferred by e-commerce, by websites with a lot of traffic or by companies that cannot afford to function without it.

These are the main types of hosting that we provide, but remember that our experts will indicate the most appropriate one according to your needs.

Our service is personalized, we offer you.

Free audit on the status of your safety and its environment, once the study has been done, we will proceed to your analysis and present our report and security recommendations.